Coffee (and tea) Shops

cappuccino in the sun

Cappuccino at my favorite non-profit cafe
pretty cappuccino

black and white cappuccino

Alrighty then.
That's a penis

vietnamese coffee

Tea time.
Ginger honey tea.
ginger honey tea

Good Sunday mernin' to ya!
Starbucks Sunday flat white (because all the best coffee
shops are closed on Sunday!)
Sunday morning flat white

Always cappuccino.
But first...

Cappuccino, always.
cinnamon cappuccino

Good morning, Cortado

Chamomile tea
chamomile tea

It must be Sunday
Flat white by the lake

8 days a week
pour overs waiting to happen

Barista making coffee in a chemex
Barista making coffee in a chemex

A delicious cappuccino at a non-profit cafe.
cappuccino at non-profit cafe

My fav non-profit cafe.
aaahhh, i love coffee

Mmmm, cappuccino. Always cappuccino.
vegan cappuccino

Honduras Miraflores pour over.
So very, very good.
Honduras Miraflores pour over

Lavender and orange Cortado
lavander orange cortado, non-profit cafe

Coffee addict.
Cappuccino on the couch.

cappuccino on the couch

Super sketch coffee shop.
But the coffee was reeeally good.
vacancy black and white

Las Brisas pour over with cream.
pour over with cream

Pour over coffee
pour over coffee

Pour over coffee

Cappuccino (left) and latte at my favorite non-profit cafe
cappuccino and latte

Non-profit cafe
lavender and orange cortado, non-profit cafe

So-called cappuccino.
so-called cappuccino

Vegan cappuccino

vegan cappuccino

Some days you just have to order it to go!
cappuccino to go

She knows just how I like it
making a cappuccino

but first, a cappuccino

A sweet little hitter.
Orange lavender cortado.