Coffee (and tea) Shops

cappuccino in the sun

Nom yen
nom yen

Ginger honey tea
nom yen and ginger tea

Cappuccino in the sun
breakfast in the sun

Breakfast in the sun
breakfast and cappuccino in the sun


Vegan cappuccino

vegan cappuccino
vegan cappuccino

Cappuccino at my favorite non-profit cafe
pretty cappuccino

black and white cappuccino

Mango iced tea

mango iced tea

Starbucks iced coffee,
whole milk, unsweetened.
A steaming hot July morning in 2018.

iced coffee

Starbucks nitro cold brew
(unsweetened) with new lid. I don't like
these new lids. Ice get in your mouth and
it's a dribble cup.
Starbucks nitro cold brew

If Guinness made coffee...
Starbucks nitro cold brew

latte in the park

Alrighty then.
That's a penis

Vietnamese coffee
vietnamese coffee

Tea time.
Ginger honey tea.
ginger honey tea

Always cappuccino.
But first...

Cappuccino, always.

With cinnamon
cinnamon cappuccino

8 days a week
pour overs waiting to happen

Barista making coffee in a chemex
Barista making coffee in a chemex

Pour over coffee
pour over coffee

Pour over coffee