Blue Apron
Delivered October 18, 2017.

First recipe
Cajun-spiced catfish sandwiches.
Never been a fan of catfish. But I decided to
give it a try anyway. I was NOT disappointed!!
(The recipe cards this week are a little warped from moisture.)
blue apron recipe card

Anchored Inn catfish
catfish fillets

Raw catfish fillets
raw catfish fillets

Cajun-seasoned catfish fillets
seasoned catfish fillets

Remoulade sauce.
Creamy mustard sauce, capers, and garlic paste.
remoulade sauce

Cajun-spiced catfish sandwiches with
roasted broccoli and remoulade sauce.
Obviously, I can't follow directions because I put the romaine on
the side instead of ON the sandwich as directed.
cajun-spiced catfish sandwich

OMG these were so very good. Yeeeeesssss.
cajun-spiced catfish sandwich

Second recipe:
Spiced chicken and honeynut
squash tostadas with pickled red onion.
This recipe calls for finger limes! I've been excited to try those!
Blue Apron recipe card

Honeynut squash.
It's so little and cute!
honeynut squash

Red onion for scale
honeynut squash

Finger limes.
These are the limes with the caviar inside.
finger limes
finger limes

The finger lime caviar!
These had such an interesting and different taste than
a regular lime. Terrific!
finger lime caviar

"Sugarcane is native to New Guinea, where fresh
stalks are often chewed for a sweet, juicy treat."
We did that when I was a kid! (Although, not in New Guinea :)
There is nothing like fresh sugarcane stalks. Better than candy!

Spiced chicken and honeynut squash
with pickled red onion.
These were sooooooo good. Not spicy the way
I would like but it didn't even matter. YUM.
blue apron recipe

Last recipe for the week.
Blue Apron recipe card

Filling for the enchiladas
kale filling

Red onion, garlic, datterini tomatoes,
black beans, kale, chile paste, yogurt, lime juice.
filling for the enchiladas

Naked enchiladas!
naked enchiladas

Ready for the oven
ready for the oven

Black bean and kale enchiladas with cheddar cheese.
To be honest this was one of my least favorites. I'd give
it a 3 out of 5 just due to the fact that it was FAR too
acidic. It needed something to offset that.
blue apron black bean enchiladas

November 02, 2017 delivery.
(I'm excited about that romanesco on top!)
Blue Apron delivery

First recipe:
Seared steaks and mashed potato.
Blue Apron recipe card
fresh produce

Seared steaks and mashed potato
with steak sauce and roasted carrots. OMG so good.
Blue Apron steaks are always quality and delicious!
pan seared steaks with mashed potato

Recipe 02
Cauliflower steaks and purple barley
salad with brown butter and grape sauce.
blue apron recipe card


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