Blue Apron
October 11, 2017 delivery.

Same contents, new smaller box!
(If your area doesn't support recycling you can
send packaging back to Blue Apron for recycling- FREE SHIPPING!)
less packaging

First recipe of the week,
shrimp and spaghetti marinara.
recipe card


1/4 tsp?
Don't make me laugh!
red pepper flakes

That's more like it.
red pepper flakes

Shrimp and spaghetti marinara
with spinach.
shrimp marinara

Recipe 02.
Pretzel burgers. These look fun.
recipe card


Sweet potato and thyme

Sweet potato slices
sweet potato slices

Pretzel buns
pretzel buns

Cheese sauce.
A bit lumpy.
cheese sauce

Pretzel burgers and cheddar cheese sauce with
roasted red onion and sweet potato. (Pumpkin shaped plate
because... well, it was clean.) Umm, this one was ok. Not bad
by any means, but it didn't impress me as much as I was expecting.
pretzel burger

Recipe 03.
Smoked Gouda and mushroom flatbread.
blue apron recipe card

Knick knacks
from the knick knack bag

blue apron cream

blue apron honey

Enoki mushrooms
enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms, chives, cremini mushrooms, thyme
fresh produce
the dough

Cremini mushrooms, red onion, garlic, thyme and
cream added at the end.

Ready for the oven!
before going in the oven

mushroom flatbread

Smoked gouda and mushroom flatbread with baby romaine and apple salad.
Definitely not winning any prizes for appearance but the taste
was 5 stars. Probably in the top 5 of the best Blue Apron recipes so far!
mushroom flatbread

Two sided extra in my box.
two sided card

I listened to the first podcast about kale.
It was ok. I will likely listen to more in the future.
two sided extra blue apron

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