Blue Apron Week 9.
October 04, 2017 delivery
Blue Apron box

First recipe of the week.
One of the five weeks of MasterChef recipes.
Blue Apron recipe card
Blue Apron recipe card MasterChef

Knick knacks.
Balsamic vinegar, creme fraiche, butter.
(Photobomb by baby spinach.)
knick knacks

Baby spinach in salad spinner.
baby spinach

Eye round steak.
Ooops. This is why I like when it comes to me already cut!
These are obviously suppose to be the same size.
eye round steak

Shallots and garlic
shallots and garlic

Then add the baby spinach.
cooking the spinach

Eye round steak
Eye round steak

Beef medallions with mashed potatoes and
balsamic pan sauce. One of the TASTIEST recipes yet!
beef medallions

Recipe 2.
Barbecue chicken turnovers.

Cone cabbage.
Usually used to make sauerkraut.
cone cabbage

Cone cabbage sliced thin, gala apple,
yukon gold potatoes, scallions.
blue apron ingredients

Cone cabbage and apple slaw

Blue Apron vegetable bbq sauce
Blue Apron bbq sauce

Tradesman chicken thighs.
chicken thighs

Hm, ok. I do not like dark meat poultry.
But I'm keeping an open mind. (I should have
checked the recipe before I ordered it!) Are they
suppose to have a strong smell? These did. Ah, well.
chicken thighs
yukon gold potatoes

Assembling the turnovers
bbq chicken

Barbecue chicken turnovers with
cone cabbage and apple slaw.
This was waaayyy better than expected.
I really didn't think I'd like the thigh meat but it was very good.
The vegetable bbq sauce was also verrry good and don't even
get me started on that pastry!
bbq chicken turnovers

Recipe 3.
Spicy poblano and mushroom quesadillas.
Blue Apron recipe card

No radishes.
That's ok, I had some on hand already.

Cremini mushrooms
sliced mushrooms

Sliced poblano pepper
sliced poblano

The cremini mushrooms and poblano pepper
mushrooms and pepper

Sharp cheddar
sharp cheddar

Chipotle chile paste
chipotle chile paste

Cheese, veg, more cheese on corn tortilla
with another tortilla on top.

quesadilla disaster

Well, it only matters how it tasted.
It was tasty but, yeah,
I've seen better looking quesadillas.
The baby romaine salad with avocado,
spritzed with lime juice, a drizzle of olive oil and
a sprinkle of cotija cheese was a perfect side.
quesadilla disaster

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