Blue Apron Week 7.
Deliveries resumed on September 22, 2017.

Recipes for this week.
Seared salmon and mustard vinaigrette,
Ancho chile chicken tacos,
Seasame beef lo mein.
blue apron recipe cards

Seared Salmon and mustard vinaigrette recipe card.
Blue Apron recommends cooking the seafood recipes first.
blue apron recipe card

Pickled Peruvian peppers
Pickled Peruvian peppers

Fresh produce.
Cocktail tomatoes, green beans, russet potato.
fresh produce

The star of the show.
anchored inn brand salmon

Shiny skin of the salmon.
raw salmon

Searing the salmon skin side down
sear skin side down

Whole grain dijon mustard
whole grain mustard

9 minute egg.
Oops. Fell apart a little bit when I sliced it.
9 minute egg

Seared Salmon and mustard vinaigrette.
Well mine never looks as good as the recipe card :D
But it was sooooo very gooooood!!
Fresh, light, and FULL of flavor.
seared salmon

Ancho chile chicken tacos
with blistered shishito peppers and cabbage slaw.
blue apron recipe card

All the ingredients
all the ingredients

Fresh produce.
Beautiful red cabbage, shishito peppers, scallions and cilantro.
fresh produce

Red cabbage becomes slaw!
cabbage slaw

Shishito peppers in olive oil.
shishito peppers

Blistered shishito peppers
blistered peppers

Cooking the chicken.
I LOOOVE that the chicken is already cut into
perfect bite sized pieces. One less thing to do!
cooking in the pan

Ancho chile chicken tacos with blistered shishito peppers
and red cabbage slaw. Om nom nom sooo good.
ancho chile chicken tacos

Sesame beef lo mein with
bok choy and shishito peppers.
blue apron recipe card

In the knick knack bag.
in the knick knack bag

Fresh cilantro, mint, and lime.
fresh produce

Chopped garlic.
fresh garlic
in the pan

Almost done!
almost done!

Sesame beef lo mein with
bok choy and shishito peppers.
Yet another fresh, delicious recipe from Blue Apron.

Blue Apron lo mein

Week 8.
In a disappointing turn of events, my Blue Apron box did not
show up this week! Blue Apron customer service issued a refund and
were very kind about it. LaserShip is a terrible company and I wish
BA would use a different service. I do NOT blame Blue Apron for this, as
they cannot control what the shipping company does (or doesn't do!)