Blue Apron week 5.
August 30, 2017.
The veg is always on top with the meat at the bottom
sandwiched between two large ice packs.
blue apron box

First recipe of the week.
Cornmeal-crusted shrimp po' boys with tomato
and cucumber salad.
first recipe of the week

Heritage globe tomatoes.
These were sooo tasty!!
globe tomatoes

Fresh produce.
Corn, cucumber, chives, heritage globe tomatoes.
blue apron fresh produce

(Right) Cucumber salad with tomatoes,
chives, and white wine vinegar.
cucumber salad

(Right) Remoulade.
Fresh corn cooked without stirring then mixed with
pickle relish, creamy mustard sauce, and white wine vinegar.

Wild gulf shrimp
blue apron shrimp

Cornmeal-crusted shrimps in frying pan.

Fresh baguettes
fresh baguettes

Toasted baguettes.
Drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper.
Rubbed with garlic when they came out of the oven (Not in
the recipe. I'm sneaky like that.)
toasted baguettes

Shrimp po' boy.
So very good. Spread the remoulade on the
bread, top with shrimp and tomatoes. I'm
surprised I liked this one so much as I normally
do not favor seafood and bread combinations.
shrimp po' boy

Spicy Korean chicken bao.
August 31, 2017.
This was another out-of-this-world recipe from Blue Apron!
week 5, recipe 2

Knick knacks
knick knacks
fresh produce

Hatch chile pepper.
Remove the seeds and membrane?
I don't think so. Not in this house.
hatch chile pepper

Steam buns in the package
steam buns

Steam buns steaming
steam buns steaming
salad and chicken

(not so) Spicy Korean chicken bao with green beans
and tomato salad. This was one of the BEST recipes ever.
This might even be my new all time fav. Not as spicy as I personally like
but still so tasty. WOW. Yeah. I'm quite serious about my baos,
so this is saying a lot. When I put these on the menu,
I was convinced I would not like them. I was wrong!
chicken bao

Vegetable Lo Mein
with fairy tale eggplants and bok choy.
vegetable lo mein

Fresh lo mein noodles
fresh lo mein noodles

From the knick knack bag
knick knacks

Fairy tale eggplant
fairy tale eggplant
bok choy

Fairy tale eggplant in the pan
fairy tale eggplant in the pan

Bok choy, fairy tale eggplants,
red bell pepper, ginger.
in the pan

Vegetable lo mein with fairy tale eggplants and bok choy.
Not an award winning photo but the dish was light, fresh, so delicious.
vegetable lo mein

Also in the box this week.
2 sided recipe card.

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