Fairy tale eggplant and
mozzarella pizza with blistered
cherry tomatoes and summer squash
recipe card fairy tale eggplant and mozzarella pizza

Fairy tale eggplant.
I love these!
fairy tale eggplant

Fresh produce.
Cherry tomatoes, fairy tale eggplant and mint.
fresh produce

Summer squash.
Currants added (right.)
summer squash
fairy tale eggplant in the pan

Blistered cherry tomatoes, summer squash,
currants, parm, mint
blistered tomatoes

Fairy tale eggplant pizza with blistered tomatoes.
It may look a little too brown, but I assure you it was absolutely delicious.
I really love Blue Apron. After the third week I'm still looking forward to more!
fairy tale eggplant pizza

Blue Apron week 4

blue apron

Everything that was in the box
(excluding that roll of paper towels!)
blue apron ingredients

First recipe.
Cod and fairy tale eggplants with tomatoes and pearl couscous.
cod and fairy tale eggplants

Fresh produce.
Fairy tale eggplants, mint, tomatoes.
blue apron fresh produce

Raw cod
raw cod

In the pan
cod fish

Fairy tale eggplant and tomatoes
fairy tale eggplant and tomatoes

Pearl couscous with golden raisins and
roughly chopped almonds
pearl couscous

Finished dish.
Cod and fairy tale eggplants with tomatoes and pearl couscous.
Cod and fairy tale eggplants with tomatoes and pearl couscous

Another delicious recipe!

Week 4, recipe 2.
Seared steaks and thyme pan sauce with
mashed potatoes, green beans and crispy shallot.
This was definitely one of my FAVORITE recipes so far!
blue apron recipe card

Inside of the knick knack bag.
(except the garlic)
blue apron knick knack bag

Fresh thyme
fresh thyme

Fresh green beans, yukon gold potoatoes, shallot
blue apron

Green beans shocked in ice water
blue apron green beans

Top sirloin
blue apron top sirloin

I was in such a hurry to devour this,
I forgot to add the crispy shallot before the photo!
OMG, this was so good! Thanks again, Blue Apron!
blue apron seared steaks

Final recipe for week 4.
Meatballs and polenta with heirloom tomato sauce.
week 4 recipe 3
ingredients Blue Apron

Hm. This basil did not hold up.
I had some basil paste on hand to use in the meatballs.
(Which is my addition, the fresh basil was intended to be used as garnish.)

I wasn't crazy about this heirloom tomato, either.
heirloom tomato

Meatball meat
meatball meat

Browning the meatballs
browning meatballs

My worst plating yet, heh.
Meatballs and polenta.
It certainly tasted better than it looks!
meatballs and polenta

Also in my box this week.
Unfortunately, it was stuck to the adhesive :/
I'm sure I can get the info at their site but I love
to keep these cards.
extra side one

Side 2
extra side 2

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