Blue Apron 2019

Blue Apron 2019

Recipes for week of
January 03, 2019
week one recipe cards

Love Beets
cooked beets
cooked beets
love beets cooked beets
cooked beets

red pepper mayo
Pepper mayo

Sliced beets
sliced beets
Blue Apron

Caramelized onion and
feta sandwiches with
roasted cauliflower salad.
Blue Apron

Knick knacks for the
curry-spiced fried rice.
Jasmine rice, peanuts, vadouvan
curry powerder, Asian-style aromatics
fried rice knick knacks

chicken fried rice
with sweet chili sauce
Curry-spiced chicken fried rice

Recipes for week of
January 09, 2019
Blue Apron recipe cards

Anna gnocchi
Anna gnocchi

Boiling the gnocci
boiling gnocchi

Beef and gnocchi
with zucchini and Pecorino.
I mean, if gnocchi isn't homemade,
why even bother?
Needless to say, this
was far from a favorite and if it isn't
homemade gnocchi, skip it!
Blue Apron beef gnocchi

Large scallops
Blue Apron scallops

Lemon and butter added
lemon butter scallops

Lemon-butter scallops
with mashed potatoes
and roasted broccoli
Blue Apron Lemon-Butter scallops

Honey-sesame chicken
and bok choy with Gochujang rice
honey-sesame chicken

January 16, 2019
Blue Apron recipe cards for January 16, 2019

Tuscan-spiced cod
with farro, zucchini,
and pepper-caper mayo
Blue Apron Tuscan-spiced cod

Chicken and coconut curry
over brown rice
Blue Apron chicken and coconut curry over brown rice

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