Blue Apron

Black Pepper Beef with bok choy and garlic rice.
Blue Apron recipe card comes in your box.
blue apron recipe

In the knick knack bag:
rice vinegar, ponzu sauce, coursely ground black pepper, sweet chili sauce, ginger.
knick knack bag

Garlic rice
garlic rice

Bok choy
bok choy

Sauteed with islander pepper, scallion, ginger, garlic
bok choy


Black pepper beef with bok choy and garlic rice.
The beef was tender, and everything was pretty good.
This was not my fave recipe in the world but it included all the things I love,
such as quick and easy prep and cook. It is such a breeze to get through.
I am starting to form the opinion that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Apron.
black pepper beef with bok choy and garlic rice

Third and final recipe for the second week of Blue Apron.
Cherry tomato and onion quiches with sauteed corn and summer squash.
blue apron recipe card, two-sided

White wine vinegar and ricotta cheese
knick knack bag week 2

Tomatoes and garlic.
tomatoes and garlic

Unbaked quiche
unbaked quiche

sauteed corn and squash

Tomato and onion quiche with sauteed corn and squash.
The quiche was rich and delicious, the squash and corn were light and refreshing.
Another winning Blue Apron dinner!!
blue apron

Also in my box this week, food storage tips!
2-sided card.
two-sided info card

Week 3.
I'm excited about those fairy tale eggplants on top!

Lamb and beef burgers with heirloom tomato
and loaded cheesy potatoes.
This turned out to definitely be my favorite recipe so far!

Ingredients including the knick knack bag
week 3 ingredients for beef and lamb burger

The heirloom tomato package!
(All packaging is recyclable)


Scallions, garlic, jalapeno and tomato.
Finished with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.
tomato salsa

Potato wedges ready to go into the oven!
potato wedges

Lamb and beef burger.
This was the JUICIEST burger I have ever made or eaten in my life.
I legit had juice running down my chin. This has been my favorite Blue Apron recipe yet!
beef and lamb burger

Recipe card for Chicken tagine with cherry tomatoes,
dates, and couscous.
recipe card

Cherry tomatoes, mint, cilantro
cherry tomatoes, mint, cilantro

Tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, dates (chopped)

The chicken was already cut into pieces. (YAY!)
blue apron chicken
cooking the chicken

Onion, garlic, ginger
onion, garlic, ginger

Chicken tagine with dates and couscous.
Yet another great recipe! I only wish that there were just
a wee bit more date in the dish. I think I received three dates but it
really could have used five.
chicken tagine

Also in the box this week.
Two-sided card.
heirloom tomatoes info 2-sided card

Every recipe includes nutrition facts
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