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Recipe cards
Blue Apron recipe cards

Chicken and brown rice bowl with
marinated vegetables and sambal sauce.
This had been advertised by Blue Apron as red rice
but I got brown rice. I would have liked the red
rice but the brown rice was tasty enough. I was
sent grape tomatoes instead of cocktail tomatoes,
the latter of which being larger and more ideal for this type of dish.
chicken and brown rice bowl

Semi-pearled farro has
part of its bran removed,
which helps it cook faster.
semi-pearled farro

Seared salmon over farro
seared salmon over farro

Tomatillo chicken tacos
Blue Apron recipe

Tomatillo-poblano sauce
Tomatillo-poblano sauce

Chicken coated in Mexican spice blend
chicken cooking

Topped with cotija cheese
chicken tacos

Tomatillo chicken tacos
with honey-chipotle slaw
chicken tacos
Recipe cards

Beef dumplings
created for Blue Apron
blue apron beef dumplings

"I used to teach a dumpling-making class in Brooklyn,
and one of the guiding principles I'd teach was that the filling
should star soy and black bean sauces for umami and cabbage for crunch.
When Blue Apron asked me to develop a dumpling recipe for you,
I followed exactly the same method."
-Lili Dagan, Blue Apron test kitchen.
blue apron beef dumplings

Moldy cucumber.
I contacted customer service and was
immediately refunded $5.
moldy cucumber
blue apron beef dumplings

Seared beef dumplings and
Jasmine rice with sesame-garlic bok choy salad.
blue apron beef dumplings

Seared steaks and homemade steak sauce
with mashed potatoes and sautéed carrots
Seared steaks and homemade steak sauce

October 17, 2018
october 17, blue apron box

Delicata squash
delicata squash

Knick knacks
knick knacks

Recipes for week of
October 24, 2018
blue apron recipe cards

Cracked freekeh
cracked freekeh

Chicken thighs and squash.
I didn't realize the recipe called for thighs
instead of breast. I do not care for thighs and would
normally never pick dark meat of any kind.
chicken thighs and squash

Sweet and spicy chicken
grain bowl with maple, togarashi, and hoisin.
chicken grain bowl

Sweet and spicy Barramundi
sweet and spicy Barramundi

Delivered on
December 12, 2018
Blue Apron box

Meats are always on
the bottom.
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