Blue Apron

The September Whole 30
blue apron recipe card

blue apron ghee

Mediterranean salmon with sautéed kale
and zucchini. The September Whole 30.
Mediterranean salmon

Pre-dinner cocktail.
White wine, shot of vodka, club
soda, splash of pink grapefruit.
pre-dinner cocktail

If capers are involved count me in.

recipe card from blue apron


Cooking the spiced chicken

Add green beans
chicken and green beans

Spiced chicken and couscous
with sautéed summer vegetables and tzatziki
spiced chicken and couscous

September 26, 2018
September 26, 2018 Blue Apron box

Brodo bone broth.
This broth is amazing. I love it.
brodo organic chicken bone broth

Approved by Whole30.
One-pan coconut chicken curry with
sweet potatoes and bok choy.
blue apron recipe card

Approved by Whole30

Broken eggs
broken eggs

Cheesy beef baguettes
Recipe card

Fresh produce.
Crimini mushrooms, carrots, scallions.
Fresh produce from Blue Apron

Sir Kensington's
Ranch Dressing
Sir Kensington's Ranch dressing

Calabrian hot chili.
I LOVE it!
Calabrian hot chili, product of Italy

Kindred Creamery
smoked gouda cheese
Kindred Creamery smoked gouda cheese

Cheesy beef baguettes
with roasted carrots and spicy ranch.
Cheesy beef baguettes

First recipe for week of October 03, 2018.
French bread pizzas.
Blue Apron recipe card

French bread pizzas with
olives, peppers, and fresh mozz.
Blue Apron French bread pizzas

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