Knick knacks for the
tempura zucchini bao
blue apron knick knacks

Inside the knick knack bag
blue apron knick knacks

Tempura zucchini bao
blue apron recipe cards

Pepper and onion
two-cheese pizza.
2-cheese pizza
2-cheese pizza

Fresh produce.
Corn on the cob, persian cucumbers,
cocktail tomatoes.
fresh produce

Sooo good, I wolfed it down
before I could take a photo of
the finished dish! #sorrynotsorry

Week of August 15, 2018.
Sesame-orange beef and wanton noodles.

Nutrition information
nutrition information

Sesame-orange beef and wanton noodles
with green beans and cabbage.

Hiyashi chuka ramen
recipe card

Hiyashi chuka ramen with tomatoes,
green beans, and soft-boiled eggs.
Oops, forgot the garnish in this pic!

Garnished with furikake
and scallion tops.

August 25, 2018
blue apron recipe card

Vegetable tosadas with
corn on the cob and lime rice
vegetable tosadas

Bob's Burgers Blue Apron recipe card.
I have never watched the show,
I just thought the recipe sounded good.
Bob's Burgers Blue Apron recipe card

The Gouda Wife burger
gouda wife burger, bob's burgers

Sweet and spicy stir-fry
blue apron recipe card

Sweet and spicy beef stir-fry
with zucchini, peppers, and peauts
sweet spicy beef stir-fry

Blue Apron box
August 30, 2018
blue apron box august 30, 2018

Featured MasterChef recipe.
Seared steak over goat cheese polenta.
masterchef blue apron recipe


jalapeño-peach salsa

Jalapeño-peach salsa
jalapeño-peach salsa
strip steak
green beans

MasterChef recipe
seared steak over goat cheese polenta
with jalapeño-peach salsa
seared steak over goat cheese polenta

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