Recipes for week of April 18, 18.
BBQ chicken tacos, seared cod,
and Parisian steak frites.

Seared cod and olive tapenade
with kale and brown rice. The fish fell apart,
but the tapenade was out of this world!
seared cod

BBQ chicken tacos with cabbage slaw
and roasted sweet potatoes.
bbq chicken tacos

Multi-colored potatoes
multi-colored potatoes

Parisian steak frites with roasted broccoli
and lemon aioli. A recipe from the Six Weeks
of airbnb Recipes.
parisian steak
blue apron airbnb
blue apron airbnb

April 25, 2018
blue apron recipe cards

Carrots, scallions, garlic,
olive oil, salt and pepper.

Seared salmon and spicy orange salsa
with quinoa and carrot salad. OMG nom nom nom.
seared salmon

Carrots and celery
carrots and celery

Buffalo chicken meatballs
with blue cheese-dressed veg. These
were soooo good. I was surprised!
chicken meatballs

White cheddar burgers with
balsamic-glazed onions and roasted potatoes.
I forgot to add the balsamic vinegar to the onions!
white cheddar burger

Recipes for May 02, 2018
recipe cards

Mexico City chicken tinga tostadas with
avocado and refried beans. I never knew refried beans
were so easy to make from scratch! This is one of my all time faves.

chicken tostadas

July 03, 2018
This week's recipes include Chrissy Teigen's
Chipotle-lime chicken fajitas.
blue apron recipe cards

Raw shrimp
raw shrimp

Veracruz-style shrimp with brown rice
Veracruz-style shrimp with brown rice

Sweet potato and cucumber baos with
black garlic mayonnaise.
sweet potato baos

July 11, 2018 recipes
blue apron recipe cards

Coconut and vadouvan salmon
with cabbage and sweet pepper stir-fry.
vadouvan salmon

Red onion, mushrooms, poblano pepper.
WAY too much red onion for the flatbread.
red onion and pablano

BBQ vegetable flatbread
with swiss cheese.
Flat bread

BBQ vegetable flatbread
with swiss cheese.

For the week of July 18, 2018
blue apron recipe cards

Za'atar-spiced beef wraps with
butter lettuce salad.
Blue Apron Za'atar-spiced beef wraps with

Butter lettuce salad with sliced
radish, dates. Dressed with a splash of
apple cider vinegar, drizzle of olive oil, seasoned
with salt and pepper.
Za'atar-spiced beef wraps with

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