March 21, 2018.
Recipes this week:
Philly-style cheesesteaks, Soy glazed
pork meatloaf, sweet chili stir-fry.
blue apron recipe cards

Philly-style cheesesteaks
with roasted potato wedges. Yep, that
bread got a little burned. It happens.
philly-style cheesesteak

Simply Pork ground pork
for the meatloaf.
simply pork

Soy glazed pork meatloaf with
miso mashed potatoes and sauteed cabbage.
pork meatloaf

Sweet chili stir-fry

March 28, 2018.
blue apron box

Spicy pepper and onion quesadillas,
seared steak and mushroom sauce,
chicken paillard and olive raisin sauce.
blue apron recipes for the week

Fresh produce
blue apron fresh produce

Inside the pink lemon
pink lemon inside

Spicy pepper and onion quesadillas
with roasted broccoli salad and
mashed avocado dip. OMG, a fav.
blue apron dinner

Chicken demi-glace for the
mushroom sauce.
chicken demi-glace

Top Chef rib eye steak and mushroom sauce with
mashed potatoes and broccoli. Yes all the way to this one.
top chef steak and mushroom sauce

Chicken paillard and olive raisin sauce
with warm fennel and potato salad. I seared the
chicken a bit too much (oops) but otherwise it was terrific.
chicken paillard and olive raisin sauce

Nutrition facts
nutrition facts

Seared salmon and lemon labneh, Swiss
cheese patty melts, Pizza with mozzarella,
fontina, and grana padano cheese.
blue apron recipe cards

Seared salmon and lemon labneh
with freekeh, zucchini, and dates.
seared salmon

Nutrition facts for the seared salmon
nutrition facts

The patty melts ended in disaster.
I'll just leave it at that.
nutrition facts

Pizza with mozzarella,
fontina, and grana padano cheese
and butter lettuce salad. Yum.
flat bread pizza