February 08, 2018
Chile & orange glazed chicken.
Recipe approved by Whole30.
blue apron recipe card

Cara cara orange!
They taste like fruit punch!!
cara cara orange

Blue Apron 8 weeks of
Whole30 approved recipes.
Chile & orange glazed chicken with
roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

February 09, 2018.
French bread-style pizzas
recipe card and ingredients

Knick knacks
(mozzarella cheese not pictured as I forgot
to take it out of the fridge before the pic!)
knick knacks

French bread-style pizzas with
hot honey roasted cauliflower.
Every recipe this week gets 5 stars!
blue apron french bread pizzas with hot honey cauliflower

Blue Apron box.
February 14, 2018.

Blue Apron 8 weeks of
Whole30 approved recipes.
Ancho chicken chili.
whole30 approved recipe from blue apron

Whole30 Approved Blue Apron recipe.
Ancho chicken chili with sweet potatoes and avocado.
whole30 approved blue apron recipe

February 15, 2018.
Greek lamb and beef burgers.
greek lamb and beef burgers recipe card, blue apron

Ground lamb and beef blend.
Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.
ground lamb and beef

Greek lamb and beef burger with
Harissa yogurt sauce and carrot fries.
Heh, not the most attractive photo
but it was quite tasty.
greek lamb burger

Strip steak and potatoes
blue apron recipe card

Knick knacks.
Creamy mustard sauce, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce,
ketchup, Weekend Hero Spice blend,
Vermont spicy maple syrup, white wine vingar.
knick knacks

Maple syrup infused with habanero peppers
maple syrup infused with habanero peppers

February 16, 2018.
Strip steak and potatoes with spicy
maple kale.
strip steak

Korean chicken tacos.
Ingredients and recipe card.
ingredients and recipe card

Seaweed-sesame fusion.

Korean chicken tacos
with furikake sweet potatoes.
blue apron tacos

March 14, 2018
Blue Apron box

Recipes for the week.
Italian-style (we'll see about that) shrimp and
sweet peppers, Beef and mushroom stew,
Mushroom and Fontina grilled cheese.
blue apron recipe cards

Shrimp and sweet peppers
over fregola sarda pasta. It was...
just ok. Definitely not great.
italian style shrimp and sweet peppers

Beef and mushroom stew with
roasted potatoes. Quite good, actually.
beef stew

Pink lemon!
pink lemon

Fontina grilled cheese with
fig and apple salad. Soooo good.
fontina grilled cheese, blue apron

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