Fennel pollen?
I didn't even know this was a thing!
(It's absolutely wonderful btw!)
fennel pollen
purple prairle barley

Cooked purple prairle barley with arugula
purple prairle barley

The making of the brown butter grape sauce
brown butter grape sauce

Cauliflower steaks and purple barley
salad with brown butter and grape sauce.
cauliflower steaks

Recipe 03
Broccoli and cheddar turnovers
blue apron recipe card

Ready for the oven
broccoli cheddar turnovers

Broccoli and cheddar turnovers
with pea greens and apple salad. My pea greens were substitued
with arugula. I always LOVE the turnovers and this one did not disappoint!
broccoli cheddar turnovers

November 08, 2017.
Recipe 01.
blue apron recipe card

Raw salmon
raw salmon

Salmon and honey glazed carrots with
lemon-saffron yogurt sauce. No saffron in my box. :(
Still, it was very tasty.
salmon and honey glazed carrots

Recipe 02
"Spicy" chicken khao soi.
Blue Apron recipe card

Fresh wonton noodles
fresh wonton noodles

Crispy wonton
crispy wonton

Spicy chicken khoa soi with crispy wonton noodles.
I'm not sure if it was suppose to have that much liquid
but it was still good. I should have put it in a bowl.
chicken khao soi

Recipe 03
blue apron recipe card

Fresh fusilli
fresh fusilli

Spicy broccoli and fresh fusilli with mascarpone cheese
spicy broccoli with fusilli

February 2018.
Boxes and packages are smaller (less waste!)
blue apron box

First recipe and ingredients.
Katsu-style wild Alaskan pollock.
recipe card and ingredients

Knick knacks.
Rice vinegar, black garlic, mayonnaise,
all-purpose flour, panko breadcrumbs, sweet chili sauce.
knick knacks

Japanese aomori
black garlic

black garlic

Black garlic
black garlic

black garlic

Katsu-style wild Alaskan pollock
with cabbage slaw and jasmine rice.
katsu-style alaskan pollock

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