Blue Apron

I signed up for Blue Apron using a promo code and
received my first shipment on August 02, 17!

first blue apron box
first blue apron box
first blue apron box

Blue Apron box!
The only thing you need on
hand is olive oil, salt, pepper!
inside my first blue apron box

First recipe.
Pan-seared steak and oven fries.
first blue apron recipe card

first blue apron box

Inside the pan-seared steak knick knack bag.
Mayo for aioli and sherry vinegar for the cherry tomato and corn salad.
first blue apron box
first blue apron box

With recipe cards that come in your box and detailed
instructions on their website, it seems pretty infallible. Unlessssss....
You fail to follow instructions. I used both ears of corn instead of just one
called for in the recipe. I didn't realize until it was much too late. Oh, well!
corn on the cob

Yukon Gold potatoes cut into fries,
tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper.
oven fries

Finished product.
Pan-seared NY strip, cherry tomato and corn salad, garlic aioli, oven fries.
My first impression is that I love it! The steak was tender (even though I
did over cook it a bit), the portions were perfect and it was so fast and easy to prep
and cook. Other than the mistake I made by not paying close attention to the directions
I would give this meal an 8 out of 10. Pretty good!

Recipe card for Sweet and Spicy Beef with jasmine rice and crispy shallot.
I have to say, I LOVE these recipe cards.
blue apron recipe card

Some of the fresh produce include sweet peppers,
mint, cilantro and scallions.
blue apron fresh produce

Bird's eye chile pepper.
Now, folks. I have to be honest. I could have used 5 of these.
In this house we like it SPICY. This was not spicy enough :p

1oz of honey!
blue apron honey

Second meal done!
Sweet and spicy beef with jasmine rice and crispy shallot.
Very good! So tasty. I really love the crispy shallot. If you have not tried
crispy shallots, do it. Right now, go make some! Again, the portion size was
much larger than I expected, but still perfect. (I was worried portions would be too small
and the Hubs would complain.) Another 8 out of 10 stars! Yay!
Sweet and spicy beef with jasmine rice

Third and final meal of the first week.
Coconut rice bowls with sunny-side up egg, corn and islander pepper.
I have to be honest. I was a little nervous about this one.
I have never been good at making sunny-side up eggs.
blue apron recipe card

Gorgeous purple islander pepper
islander pepper

Cage free eggs
blue apron cage-free eggs

Ponzu and Golden Mountain sauces, roasted peanuts
(from the knick knack bag.)
Ponzu and Golden Mountain sauces

Red cabbage, sliced islander pepper, scallions with
tops and bottoms separated.
red cabbage

Cooking the corn and peppers while the red cabbage marinates.
(Keep in mind, I goofed earlier in the week when I mistakenly used both ears of
corn in the first recipe. I used a can of corn I had on hand instead.)

Ha, certainly not as attractive as Blue Apron's example!
But it was delicious anyway. I would give this an 8/10.
And that is really saying something as I am not usually a fan of eggs and
vegetables together in the same dish like this. It tasted better than expected.
The roasted peanuts are mixed in with the cabbage before serving. Mmm!

blue apron coconut rice bowl with sunny-side up egg

August 09, 2017.
Second Blue Apron box.
This one came with a card that has tips for storing food.
Very helpful! (This information is also detailed on their website.)
blue apron box

The meats are always on the bottom next to the ice packs.
blue apron box

Recipes for this week.
Barramundi and garlic potatoes, Black pepper beef with bok choy and garlic rice,
Cherry tomato and onion quiches with sauteed corn and summer squash.
recipes for the week

First recipe for the week
Barramundi and garlic mashed potatoes with corn and tartar sauce.
barramundi and garlic mashed potatoes

Knick knacks
week 2 knick knacks

Fresh dill and garlic, left.
Corn and red onion cooking, right. I should have only
added half of the red onion. This ended up being way too much onion.
week 2 veg

Fresh dill (roughly chopped)
fresh dill

Two barramundi fillets
barramundi fillets

Barramundi is a type of bass
barramundi fillets
barramundi fillets

Barramundi and garlic mashed potatoes with corn and tartar sauce.
I would give the fish, garlic potatoes and tartar sauce a 9/10.
I wasn't a huge fan of the red onion.
I should have added less
and caramelized them first.
Barramundi and garlic mashed potatoes

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