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Little piggy cupcake toppers!

All sculpted by hand.
little piggys!

2015 update on little fondant pig cupcake toppers
Little piggys

Piggy tails!
Piggy tails!

piggy nose!

I made these in a slightly different way
but they're still just as cute!

making a little fondant pig cupcake topper
little pig fondant cupcake toppers

little fondant pigs!

I love their little piggy tails!
little piggy tail

Make pig's tail first.
Form a small worm of fondant around a toothpick and let it stay there until
you attach it to the finished pig as the last step.

making pig tail

Each piggy tail is unique
little fondant pig cupcake topper
three little pigs

piggy nose
little fondant piggy cupcake toppers

Nine little fondant pig cupcake toppers
Nine little fondant pig cupcake toppers
Fondant pigs

Who invited that sheep to the party?
Cornstarch on the board to prevent sticking.
work space

Fondant piggy cupcake toppers

pink fondant pig cupcake toppers
pretty pink fondant pigs

Pink fondant piggies
pretty pink fondant pigs
pretty pink fondant pigs
cute pig tails

The cupcakes turned out pretty sad looking this time but the
cute piggy topper saved the day!

cute fondant pig tails

Fondant sheep cupcake topper
sheep made out of fondant
making a sheep from fondant
making a fondant sheep

After a while all the rolling and placing of a thousand
little fondant balls becomes tedious.

making a sheep out of fondant
making a little sheep cupcake topper out of fondant

A sheep and an army of little pigs!
making a little sheep out of fondant

It's kinda cute, but I wasn't happy enough with
how it turned out to make any more of them.

fondant sheep

Find Wilton's fondant in the wedding
supplies section of (the dreaded) Walmart.
You can also find it at Michael's or Jo-Ann
Fabric and Crafts but it is usually more
expensive and they don't always have plain white.
Wilton's fondant at Wal-Mart

Wilton's white fondant
Wilton's white fondant

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