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Halloween fondant cupcake toppers
Fondant Pumpkin

Fondant pumpkin sculpted by hand.
Fondant Pumpkin
Fondant Pumpkin
Fondant Pumpkin

Each pumpkin is unique because
it is sculpted by hand

Fondant Pumpkin

fondant pumpkin cupcake topper

Fodant pumpkins, brains, and skull capcake toppers
fondant cupcake toppers

Halloween pumpkin fondant cupcake toppers
fondant pumpkins

fondant pumpkins

fondant pumpkins
fondant pumpkins

These little pumpkins are sculpted by hand so each one is unique.
mini fondant pumpkins

Beware of humid conditions- your fondant could melt! The only thing you can do when this happens
is dehumidify the air. (Do NOT place fondant sculptures into the refrigerator or freezer.)
It is best not to handle your fondant sculptures if they become damp from the humidity. They are
very sticky and soft in this state and you could ruin your sculpture.

humid conditions

Halloween 2015
mini pumpkin cupcake toppers
fondant pumpkin cupcake toppers
pumpkin cupcake toppers
pumpkin cupcake toppers
pumpkin cupcake toppers

pumpkin toppers

Fondant pumpkin cupcake toppers
Pumpkin cupcake topper sculpted from fondant
fondant pumpin halloween cupcake toppers

Halloween eyeball cupcake toppers
hand sculpted from fondant.

halloween eyeball cupcake toppers

eyeball cupcakes
Eyeball cupcakes

Halloween cupcake toppers sculpted from fondant.
Pumpkins, ghost, brains eyeballs, witch's hats, skull.
I've never been able to sculpt an acceptable witch hat. I'll just have to keep trying!

Halloween cupcake toppers
Halloween cupcake toppers

Leftover eyeballs
leftover eyeballs

Little piggy cupcake toppers!
All sculpted by hand.
little piggys!

2015 update on little fondant pig cupcake toppers
Little piggys

Piggy tails!
Piggy tails!

piggy nose!

I made these in a slightly different way
but they're still just as cute!

making a little fondant pig cupcake topper
little pig fondant cupcake toppers

little fondant pigs!

I love their little piggy tails!
little piggy tail

Make pig's tail first.
Form a small worm of fondant around a toothpick and let it stay there until
you attach it to the finished pig as the last step.

making pig tail

Each piggy tail is unique
little fondant pig cupcake topper

three little pigs