Fondant Creations

Fondant roller skates
Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with fondant roller skate cupcake toppers Fondant roller skates
Making the fondant roller skates
Fondant roller skates
Fondant cupcake toppers
Birthday cupcake with fondant topper
Birthday cupcakes
Pig In The Mud Birthday Cake
Hand-sculpted fondant Pig In The Mud.
Vanilla cake with layers of whipped heavy cream,
thinly sliced bananas, banana pudding and fudge frosting. Pig in the mud cake topper
Fondant pig for pig in the mud birthday cake Big fondant pig
Fondant mouse burger Fondant Mouse Burger
Hand-sculpted fondant mouse burger
Making the fondant mouse Fondant mouse
Hand-sculpted fondant mouse burger

Mouse Burger Birthday Cake!
Hand-sculpted fondant Three layers of strawberry cake,
whipped cream, sliced strawberries and
strawberry mint puree to moisten cake layers.
Pepperidge Farm Pirouette rolled wafers
pressed around the exterior of the cake.

Mouse Burger birthday cake

Pig in the mud and mouse burger birthday cakes, June 2009.

Birthday cakes
Pig in the mud fondant cake topper
Peppermint Pig Cupcake with hand-sculpted fondant Pig. Peppermint pig fondant cupcake topper
Sculpting fondant pigs Making the fondant pig
Making the fondant pigs
Making the fondant pigs
Making the fondant pigs

My first time sculpting these little pigs looks like I made a bit of a sloppy mess!
On the board in these photos is powdered sugar.
I have found cornstarch is much better to work with, less sticky.

Making fondant cupcake toppers
Peppermint pig fondant cupcake topper
Hand-sculpted fondant cupcake topper
Fondant pig
Little fondant pigs
Little fondant pigs Fondant pigs cupcake toppers
Fondant pigs for decorating cupcakes Fondant pig army
Since they are made by hand, each little pig is unique Hand made fondant pigs
Peppermint cupcakes with fondant pigs Peppermint pig fondant cupcake topper

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