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Valentine Fun dip candy
valentine fun dip candy
valentine fun dip candy

"Magically" changes color
from blue to green
magically changes color

Jelly bean dispenser
jelly bean dispenser

Sour Patch Kids
sour patch kids
sour patch kids

Organic saltwater taffy
organic saltwater taffy

Eiffel Tower chocolates
Eiffel Tower chocolate

Fried egg chocolate.
White and milk chocolate, mango pate de fruit.
fried egg white and milk chocolate

blackberry porto fancy chocolates

Fancy chocolates
red velvet fancy chocolates
fancy chocolates

Gin Gins.
Chewy ginger candy.

Gin Gins
gin gins chewy ginger candy

Kit Kat, Hershey's kisses, giant Hershey's bar
kit kat, hershey's kisses, giant hershey's

Sexual chocolate.

Russell Stover assorted creams
green and black's

Green & Black's organic 85% cacao

green and black's organic chocolate

Dum Dums mystery flavours
Dum-Dums mystery flavors!

I got BACON flavor!
Tastes like those fake bacon bits in the bottle. So gross!
Dum-Dums bacon flavor
Lots of mysterious Dum-dums candy

Sour Satellite Wafers
filled with sour powder

Filled with sour powder!
filled with sour powder
sour satellite wafers

Bag of Necco wafers from Wegmans
bag of necco

Candy store

Like a kid in some kind of store
candy store
candy store hello kitty

Candy from Sweden
Sweet on the inside, a hard and chewy shell
coated with sour flavor on the outside.

Swedish Candy
Swedish Candy
Swedish candy

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