Homemade Butterbeer Recipe

*This butterbeer recipe is based on
the butterbeer being served at
Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Universal Studios
(Click link to see photos from
my visit to the WWoHP.)

(This recipe is for 12oz of butterbeer
but can and should be multiplied.)

8oz cream soda
4oz root beer
2 tablespoons butterscotch syrup
(Universal Studios Butterbeer
tastes like it probably has
4 tbls syrup in it but that is just
TOO sweet for my taste.)

For butterbeer foam/cream topping
1/4 cup light whipping cream
1 tablespoon butterscotch syrup

Combine the cream soda, root beer,
and butterscotch syrup. Lightly whip
the cream with the sryrup and spoon
over the top of the beer.
Can be blended with ice to make
the frozen version that WWoHP offers.

Not recommended
for House-Elves

Homemade butterbeer

Homemade Butterbeer
Homemade butterbeer

Homemade butterbeer
Homemade butterbeer

Homemade butterscotch cream on top of homemade butterbeer
Homemade butterbeer
Homemade butterbeer

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