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Gott nytt år!
Skål & gott nytt år!

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Tangerine rose tea
tangerine rose tea
tea and a cough drop

Celestial Seasonings
Cinnamon apple spice tea. Delicious hot or cold.

cinnamon spice tea

Chamomile lavender tea
chamomile lavender

Redds apple ale
Redds apple ale

Neuro drinks
Sleep and Bliss

Neuro drinks
Neuro sleep

5 hour energy. A Lindyfest essential.

Dark Chocolate Red Wine
Dark chocolate red wine. Very tasty and quite rich, you really don't want to drink more than
the amount shown in this photo.
*Note* I drank more than the amount shown in this photo.
Thanksgiving 2010.

Dark Chocolate Red Wine
Dark Chocolate Red Wine

Coffee from the Starbucks in Target

Infiniti wine glass
Infiniti wine glass

Pouring red wine

Spicy V-8
spicy V-8

Inside of my fridge, 2009
(My local grocery store did not carry unsweetened almond
milk back then. Good thing they do now!)



sugar free red bull

Homemade hot chocolate
homemade hot chocolate

cup waiting for homemade hot chocolate

Birthday brunch toast with Mimosas
Birthday Brunch toast with Mimosas

Guinness Extra Stout and my Wacom Intuos
Extra Snout... mmmmm

cocoa and cayenne
cocoa and cayenne
cliff bar and water

Rum and Coke.
Santa approves!

rum and coke

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla.
And honey from Germany.

sleepytime vanilla tea
blood tea

Ah, Sunday!
Ah, Sunday Flat White

Orange La Croix
Orange LaCroix

These things are pretty damn good.
Orange LaCroix

Lemon La Croix
lemon la croix

Celestial Seasonings
Sugar cookie sleigh ride tea

sugar cookie sleigh ride tea

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Coffee shops
Coffee shops

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