Espresso Patronum
(recipe below)

Espresso Patronum

Espresso Patronum

1 1/2 oz
Patrón XO Cafe, divided
1/2 oz Vodka, I used UV Vodka
1/2 oz homemade hazelnut liqueur (recipe can be found below this one)
1/2 oz brewed espresso, I used room temp, but you could use it warm, hot or cold
70% cacao dark chocolate
Foamed milk (optional, I did not like it w/ foamed milk)

Espresso Patronum

Paint inside of glass with melted
70% cacao dark chocolate.
Add 1/2 oz of the
Patrón, vodka,
espresso and homemade or store bought hazelnut liqueur,
top with foamed milk if desired (I did not like the
foamed milk on top.) Serve with 1oz side shot of
Patrón XO Cafe.

Espresso Patronum
Espresso Patronum

Espresso Patronum
Homemade hazelnut liqueur
My Hazelnut Liqueur recipe

1 cup hazelnuts
3 vanilla beans
2 cups vodka
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Toast the hazelnuts lightly in a skillet with a
teaspoon of coconut oil
until they are just lightly browned.
Take care not burn or toast too much or
they will yield a bitter taste.
Chop the hazelnuts into very small pieces.
I do not recommend using a food processor.
Put the chopped hazelnuts into a quart jar with a
tight-fitting lid, like a canning or mason jar.
Split the vanilla beans lengthwise and add them to the jar.
Add the vodka, sugar and water, seal the jar and shake to dissolve the sugar.
Shake it once or twice a day for at least three weeks to one month (or longer.)
When you're ready to bottle, strain it first through a fine-mesh strainer,
then a cheese cloth, then a coffee filter.
Keep straining until clear. Store in a dark bottle.

Homemade hazelnut liqueur

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The Quaffer
Double Bubble shot glass

The Quaffer Double Bubble shot glass
The Quaffer Double Bubble shot glass

Marcus pouring a perfect Quaffer
The Quaffer Double Bubble shot glass

Vodka and Cran/Raspberry Quaffer
The Quaffer. Best invention ever.
I can pour a perfect Quaffer every time now!

Cucumber water.
So refreshing!

Cucumber lime water

Floating Angel
Floating Angel shooter

I Love Lemon herb tea
I love lemon tea

Sippin' tea
Evening tea

Guinness draft

Blue Moon Spiced Amber Ale,
Limited Winter Release
Sooo tasty.
Blue Moon Spiced Ale- my favorite

Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale,
Seasonal Collection
My second favorite
Blue Moon Winter Abbey

Winter Abbey Ale in glass
Blue Moon Winter Abbey

Champagne and Vodka Quaffer
The Quaffer Champagne shot

The Quaffer website

The Quaffer Champagne shot

the No-Smell, No Tell...
wait, that's Hennigans...

Hennessy Privilege Cognac

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