Bakery and store bought cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies,
pasteries, donuts, and other baked goods.

Strawberry and red velvet macarons

Red velvet and strawberry macarons

Maple pecan macaron

Fresh mini donuts
fresh mini donuts

Donut shop
donut shop

One cream cheese chocolate, one chocolate
covered custard filled, two jelly donuts.

Publix bakery
bakery donuts

Trader Joe's macarons.
trader joe's macarons

Citrus cakes
citrus cake
chocolate cakes

Cherry pistachio tea cake
cherry tea cake

Vegan Nanaimo bar
Vegan Nanaimo bar

Chocolate cookie and coconut crust,
custard cream filling, chocolate
ganache on top. All vegan.
Vegan Nanaimo bar

Get out of here with this thing
Vegan Nanaimo bar

Yes, I screamed when I saw the box.
I knew exactly what I would find inside.
carlo's bakery

Lobster tails!!
lobster tails

Lobster tails from Carlo's Bakery
Lobster tails from Carlo's Bakery

Lobster tails from Carlo's Bakery

That custard filling is unbelievable
Carlo's Bakery lobstertails

Cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting
bakery cinnamon roll
cinnamon roll

Mmmmm, glorious macarons!

Madagascar vanilla, you are the macaron for me.
Madagascar vanilla macarons are my favorite!!
macarons, oh yes

Krispy Kreme dozen
dozen krispy kreme

Dunkin Donuts.
dunkin donuts. people like this place? ew.

Macaron pyramid
macaron pyramid

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