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Big Nerd Glasses
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A Halloween Story

Halloween 2009

Band "Practice"

Social Dancing/Dance Studio Photos
Private Lessons, Social Dance Parties, Dance Showcase
Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, Rhumba, Tango, Salsa

Social Dancing

Culture Club concerts 2015-2016
Boy George, Mikey Craig, Roy Hay and the supremely talented Jon Moss.
Photos and video from the 2015 and 2016 Culture Club Tours.

Culture Club tour photos 2015

Pride 2015
Pride 2015

Photos and recipes

food photos and recipes

The JunkRoom
Things and stuff and dealios
The JunkRoom. Things and stuff and dealios

Beach Fun
*Warning: Clothing Optional
Beach Fun photos

Natural bodies of water
Lakes, ponds, puddles, rivers, streams

natural bodies of water

Rainbows, rain, strange clouds,
rain on windows, ice

Rainbows, rain, strange clouds, rain on windows

Miscellaneous Outdoor Photos
In-the-woods, sky, outdoor scenes, outside

miscellaneous outdoor photos

Flowers and houseplants
Photos of flowers

Photos of birds
Photos of birds- Click to view

Photos of wildlife

Insect Photos
Insect photos. Click to view

Motorized Vehicles and watercraft, roads, traffic
Motorized vehicles, roads, traffic

Signs, notices, warnings, graffiti
Signs, notices, warnings

Our beautiful pomeranian shih tzu mix,

My beautiful Widget

Our beautiful orange kitty.


Canines and other animals I know (but don't own)
Canines I know

Papa's 88th Birthday Skydive
Papa's 88th Birthday Skydive

Ice Bar- Bar made entirely of ice!
Ice Bar

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure 2013
Over 150 photos of Springfield at Universal Studios Orlando, Wizarding World of
Harry Potter, and more
Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure 2013

Wizarding World of Harry Potter May 2011
Wizarding World of Harry Potter- 2011

Holiday photos

Cosmetics, household, OTC and more

Bubbles. Bubbles without any troubles.

Not arranged in any specific grouping
uncategorised pictures

The Early Years of PointyKitty.Org
2001-2008 2001-2008

Miscellaneous collection of
self-portraits and other nonsense


No Cruzar

Linea de policia

no cruzar

No Cruzar 2

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